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All-Purpose Dense Greases

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XADO greases are divided into two categories, general multi-purpose greases and special greases. Lithium greases are the most popular of our multi-purpose XADO greases which are designed to protect new mechanical parts, joints and bearings. The greases will prolong the service life of these components. There is a wide range of XADO greases for different purposes.

There are also XADO restoring greases which contain our Revitalizant, designed to help restore mechanical parts which surfaces that are up to 50% worn, by creating a new cermet layer on the friction surfaces: the parts grow in volume and are restored to their original geometry.

XADO repairing greases are designed to repair damaged vehicle parts which surfaces that are up to 80% worn.

It is used to repair constant velocity joints, wheel and bearings and other loaded joints.

Dense silicon grease lubricates not only metal parts but also parts made from rubber, leather, plastic and other materials. The product is usually used for cables and levels lubrication.

All XADO automotive greases contain Revitalizant which forms a new protective metal-ceramic coating on the metallic friction surfaces and restores the surface of the parts back to their original geometry.

You can buy XADO all-purpose dense greases and other automotive products at reasonable prices from our on-line store xado.co.uk