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Steering Wheel for Automobiles

EX120 Revitalizant for Power Steering Pumps

EX120 Revitalizant for Power Steering Pumps

Extreme Action 120% (EX120) Revitalizant for power steering boosters rebuilds, repairs, and protects all types of a power steering booster and other hydraulic equipment. Extreme Action 120% Revitalizant repairs scratches and wear caused by high heat and friction, then it forms a protective, ...
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Revitalizant EX120 for power steering booster

Revitalizant EX120 for power steering booster

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Reinforced revitalizant. The product is designed to protect against wear, restore and repair a power steering booster and other hydraulic equipment. Due to its by 20% greater* active agent’s concentration, it offers strong restoration potential to the worn out surfaces and wear protecti...
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Brake fluid DOT-4

Brake fluid DOT-4

Synthetic brake fluid. Exceeds the requirements of American standard DOT 4 and specifications of leading car manufacturers (BMW, VW, MAN) regarding brake fluids for passenger cars and trucks. Applied to brake systems of vehicles equipped with disk or drum brakes, including anti-lock braking (...
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The Steering system is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Without it the vehicle would not be able to be driven. That’s why you should eliminate any potential steering system failures.

Power steering booster additives are used so as to protect the steering system from wear and tear and without dismantling it. The product contains a Revitalizant that creates a strong and very hard metal-ceramic protective layer on the friction surfaces thus eliminating any wear and increasing the responsiveness of the mechanism. By applying additives, you will ensure:

  • Smooth and easy steering
  • Improved steering pump performance
  • Improved responsiveness of the power steering system
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Protection against future wear and tear

XADO hydraulic oils contain our patented Revitalizants and additives. They have been specifically designed to improve the working of the hydraulic systems. The products can be used in automatic transmissions, power steering boosters and integrated hydraulic systems.