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30 Mottec Universal cleaner and degreaser

Mottec Universal cleaner and degreaser

Universal cleaner and degreaser Applied for cleaning of chains and sprockets, frame, suspension and braking system parts, bearings and other units and assemblies. Easily removes oil and operational contaminations, conserving grease, dust, soot, bitumen traces. ...
150 ml
£6 .29 GBP
Mottec Silicone grease

Mottec Silicone grease

Silicone Grease Silicone Grease is applied for treatment of tires and other parts of bicycle and motor equipment made of rubber and plastic. ...
150 ml
£8 .99 GBP



Most vehicles’ owners love their cars as purchasing one is one of the biggest financial investments. That’s why maintaining the car in good condition should be the main aim for every motorist. Furthermore, interior cleanliness is not only visually appealing but also protects electrical wiring from the harmful effects of dust. It is also worth mentioning that dirty windows lead to reduced visibility which is the most common reason for car accidents. So how do you to clean the interior and exterior of the car?

There are numerous different automotive cleaning products on the market today designed to clean the interior and exterior of the car. What you need to properly clean the interior is to purchase a specialist cleaning product and to carry out the cleaning in three simple steps:

  • Rubbish removal
  • Damp cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning with special products

The first two steps are preliminary but also very important. Remove all unnecessary items from the car, vacuum the floor and all the gaps. For a thorough clean you should remove the mats and if possible the seats. Damp cleaning will help to get rid of the dust and should be conducted at least once a week.

Before starting a chemical clean you should prepare all the necessary products. You will need a foam cleaner for the interior, special glass cleaning mixtures as well as special cleaning products for the plastic parts such as the dashboard.

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