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Cooling System

Atomex Stop leak radiator

Atomex Stop leak radiator

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Atomex Stop-leak radiator. Cooling system additive Atomex Stop Leak Radiator is a highly efficient product of the latest generation for elimination of cooling system leakages in engines of all types. Completely eliminates leaks, reliably and permanently seals cracks and minor damages in...
250 ml
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The engine cooling system allows the engine to operate at its optimum. A working engine operates at high temperatures and that’s why a fully functioning engine cannot operate without a cooling system.

Experienced motorists know that the engine cooling system needs to be kept in good condition through periodical checks and regular maintenance.

In doing so it is possible to fix all the faults without having to undergo any expensive repairs.

Numerous automotive engine cooling system care products are now widely available. Radiator additives and stop-leak antifreezes are designed specifically to clean and maintain an engine cooling system.